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M/V Simon B

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Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Hamburg
Call Sign DJBU2
Shipyard & No. / Year built Husumer Schiffswerft No 1500  1985
Vessel Type Cargo Ship fitted for Gen. Cargo & Grain
Trading Area acc to Minimum Safe Manning Certificate Unlimited voyages – between West European ports from Gibraltar to Bergen and Baltic Sea
IMO-No. 8511029
Official No. 23619
MMSI No. 218801000
Phone No. +49 174 152 8106
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Inmarsat SatC No. 421880110   421880111
Classification Society / No. DNV GL No.31510
Class Notation 100 A5 M DBC MC E AUT
GT 1578
NT 843
TDW 2380
Length over all 82.18 m
Registered Length 77.58 m
Registered Breadth 11.30 m
Draught 4.213 m
Light Ship 768.8 mt
Minimum Safe Manning 6 (5*) Crew Members
Main Engine Type MAN 8 L 20/27
Main Engine Power 600 KW
Serial No. Main Engine 1000366
Average Daily Consumption M.E. 2.5 mt MGO
Maximum Sea Speed 9.5 kt
Bowthruster 130 KW
Rudder Type Flap Rudder (Becker)
Propeller Controllable Pitch Propeller
1 Cargo Hold; 1 Hatch Cover 1 Cargo Hold; 8 Folding Covers
Cargo Hold Dimensions Box-shape 50.39 m x 9.00 m x 6.15 m; without Twin Decks; with Bulk Heads
Maximum Tank Top/Hatch Cover Load 13 mt/sqm / 1.4 mt/sqm
TEU Not fitted
Maximum Cargo Hold Capacity 2856 cbm
Commercial Register / District Court HRA 200814 / Tostedt
Tax No. DE 288 844 843
Owner and Address M/V “Simon B” GmbH & Co. KG
Hohe Reihe 13
21680 Stade
Charterer and Address Baltic Shipping Company A/S
Ved Isefjorden 24
3390 Hundested
Manager and Address GBS-Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
Hohe Reihe 13
21680 Stade
Company IMO No. 5728812


pdf download  USt Befreiung SIMON B